Updates since 2017: My book and new article are open access! Plus a book award!

Hello! I sometimes forget that I have my own website. Day-to-day life is a little crazy with an almost 4 year old and an academic job. But WordPress’s auto-generated emails remind me that this site exists and that I’m fortunate to have people stumble upon it.

On to the work updates:

The big news is that an article that I’ve thought about writing for YEARS was published in Cultural Anthropology. It’s titled “Children’s Imaginal Caring: On Fantasy, Play, and Anticipation in an Epidemic.” Check it out and let me know what you think!

The other big news is that my book won the Association for Africanist Anthropology Skinner Book Award. What an honor and a privilege.

Still more big news is that Children as Caregivers: The Global Fight against Tuberculosis and HIV in Zambia is available for free here. That means that you can read it on-the-go and without purchasing it.

Of course, you can still buy a copy of the book from Rutgers¬†(use code 02AAAA16 for a 30% discount), Amazon, and other booksellers. I will vouch for how nice the cover feels in your hands. It’s matte; not glossy. That makes all of the difference!

I have other new publications and research projects in Zambia and the United States. Come on over to my Washington University faculty website to see those. Because I’m not responsible for updating that one, it gets more attention than this one does!

As always, I love hearing from people who read my writing and from researchers and practitioners whose work resonates with my own. ¬†Contact me! [email protected]